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 Wadsworth Reunions

One of the goals of the Wadsworth Institute is to prepare the family for the 400th Anniversery of the Wadsworth's arrival in America in 1632. Hopefully there can be a large family reunion in that year, just like there last was in Boston for the 250th Anniversay in 1887.

In preparation for that, the Geneseo, NY Wadsworths will be hosting a Reunion this summer from July 1-3, 2022. Details on that reunuon can be found at This is the 3rd reunion that has been organized in the last 7 years by the Geneseo Wadsworths and a branch of the Connecticut family, formerly of Farmington, Ct.

While those two branches have predominated in recent reunions, this year we want to open it up to any descendants of the original William Wadsworth who arrived in Boston in 1632. If you are not sure if you are descended from that branch, please see our genealogy page!

Hope to see you in Geneseo this summer!